LoveMaze is a relationship science application that helps individuals to identify their best choice for long term happiness.
In the United States, 45% of the adult population is single and one in two marriages ends up in divorce. That’s not acceptable in a modern world with so much advancement in science and technology.
We can do better and LoveMaze offers one solution. A stable happy relationship is so fundamental to a person’s wellbeing and to the society as a whole. That’s why LoveMaze was a candidate for a social impact grant.
Would it surprise you to learn that, according to the most recent Pew Research, only 8% of daters have found a long-term partner online although nearly half of American single adults have tried dating online?
Identified by Economists, market congestion and the perceived abundance of options are the roots of the inefficiency and ineffectiveness. Everyone is contacting everyone else. Nobody knows where s/he stands in the other party’s rank list.
In today’s ever more connected world, getting more contacts becomes much less important than identifying who the best contact is.
The internet is jammed with such a tangled array of dating applications, each promising the same services, yet it fails to effectively guide hopeful mate seekers through the ensuing chatter and help them spot their one-and-only from the crowded field of contenders.
Economists have had much success in designing effective matching mechanisms for different markets by applying Stable Matching theory (SMt), which is defined as the state in which neither partner can be better off with others than with each other.
Alvin Roth, Nobel Prize winner in economics in 2012 for studying markets and the application of SMt, noted in 2016 that “dating markets are a good example of matching markets.”
However, the implementation of SMt in dating has proved an elusive ideal because of the complexity of human behavior and psychology when it comes to love.
We, the LoveMaze team, set out to design an effective matching system that helps everyone to identify their best choice for a long-term happy relationship, and to have a great experience throughout the search process.
It took two and a half years’ endeavor to create a mechanism that successfully applies the SMt and a wealth of scientific research.
In late 2018, LoveMaze, a relationship science application with its distinctive graphic novel-styled interface, was born.
It is a beautiful piece of next-gen technology art that offers a relaxed game party atmosphere.
CTO and chief architect
For the users, LoveMaze connects online and offline dating seamlessly, offering the best of both worlds. By participating in LoveMaze online game dates, users can test compatibilities with one another.
Through LoveMaze’s offline curated group events, users select their top prospects to experience in-person chemistry and further fine-tune their compatibility, before their optimal matches are identified.
At the events, the LoveMaze application provides users with a much-desired opportunity to see, in complete confidentiality, just where s/he stands in the other party’s rank list.
Not your usual dating app, LoveMaze is a relationship platform and ecosystem that works for both users and event organizers.
LoveMaze focuses on the long-term prospect of a happy relationship with its scale of Compatibility Quotient (CQ), which is a prediction index of the long-term potential between two people. Users can see their CQ with one another once they create a profile in LoveMaze.
For the event organizers, LoveMaze is an event promotion and management system that they can utilize to structure and operate fun and effective singles events.
Participants RSVP for events of interest in LoveMaze. They’ll be able to see who else is coming, their profiles, and CQ, and explore a deeper understanding with persons of interest through virtual dates. This allows participants to come into the party prepared.
LoveMaze provides a suite of functions to streamline an event, from notification, payment, real time RSVP list, gender balancing, check in, partner selection, to voting, etc. The system simplifies a tedious labor-intensive event managing process to the press of a button.
Wow, there’s nothing like this in the market. Real time ranking and partnering! Magical!
Event participant
Think of it as the combo of the best benefits from online dating, offline group activities, and speed dating. You come to an event that interests you, you know who is coming beforehand, you meet with multiple people at the same time, you focus on the most promising partners, and you do activities of common interest together.
Organizer of Match & Puzzle events on LoveMaze
LoveMaze is the newest way to find your match. Step away from the dating apps and try this unique way to meet people face to face while having fun!
Owner of PogoEvents, who offers gaming events on LoveMaze
Being able to pinpoint the best bet out of a hundred people, that is a miracle! I wish I had this 10 years ago, it would have saved me so much wasted effort!
LoveMaze user
Actions speak louder than words. You learn more about each other through activities than through talk. Plus, you have FUN and there is no pressure!
Active single and LoveMaze user
LoveMaze is a great new concept in 21 century dating!
Artist, event organizer, and creator of Draw-mania! draw-a-thon which drew tremendous attention from the media and loyal followers in New York City art world. He offers Partnered Figure Drawing events on LoveMaze
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have a great time, and come out with a lifetime partner.