10 Ways To Win The Dating War



Win The Dating War, For Good

Enlist the help of Science and Technology.

Looking For Effective Ways to Find "The One"?

Yes, the one for life, not just for a short fling.

Here are 10 proven ways:

  1. Control your infatuation and adrenaline propelled by their looks and that physical attraction.
  2. Learn Behavioral Science to understand and predict the others' behaviors and psychological tendencies. Find some interesting readings here.
  3. Apply relationship science to your romance life.
  4. Study the compatibility aspects that truly matter for the long-term, and get a compatibility test with your prospects.
  5. Signal to the other side that s/he is your absolute number one choice, through whatever mechanism you can find. At the same time, find out where you rank on their heart desired preference list, so that you don't end up as their back-up.
  6. Figure out what exactly you are looking for in a lifetime partner. Reconcile your conscious ideals with unconscious selections, because they differ for most people and conscious preferences don't predict initial attraction.
  7. Reduce the noises from casual messaging. Focus on the best possibilities. Yes, they'd better be the real best possibilities to avoid wasting your life.
  8. Estimate the number of people who meet your requirements in your area based on statistics (check your odds here). Calculate the number of potentials you need to see in order to find that special one. For example, if 1000 out of 1 million people meet your requirements, then your odds are 1/1000. On an average case, you'll need to see 1000 potentials to find the one. You should plan to meet 3 people a day for a year to have a real chance.
  9. We see what we want to see. Overcome those deadly cognitive biases such as Confirmation Bias, Attentional Bias, etc.
  10. Join all kinds of singles groups, parties, events, bars, clubs, lists, etc., even hang out in the shopping departments of the opposite sex.

Or, a 10 in 1 solution:

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Stable matching —

Reveals the best prospect you can secure from the group.

Gamification —

Tests compatibilities based on your natural and genuine psychological tendencies and preferences.


Enables you to stay true to self and be free from the sway of physical attraction and the distraction of real-world noises.

Scientific —

Better than a crystal ball, it combines the science of Mathematics, Psychology, Behavior, Social, Relationship, Compatibility, etc.; love is a complex subject.

The Speed Dating Parties Online are for you to —

Get a true sense of each other and the probability of success before you fall in love. Grasp what matters in the long run and whom your true counterpart should be for a happy uplifting life.

All About The One-And-Only..

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