How Much Is Love Worth?


Is relationship an investment? What is fundamental to the valuation? What is a fair exchange? How to keep a sustainable scale in the long run? Let's measure it..

How can you quantify the value of a romantic relationship? In other words, how much is love worth?

If you are offered $1 million in return for giving up any possibility of falling in love. Would you? Some may say "yes," and others may say "no." Value is as subjective as Love.

CNN Money reported economists' opinion on the worth of love: try $100,000 a year. That's how much a happy marriage is worth. Some other studies support this number.

There are many other attempts to value love's worth. Hearing someone saying "I love you" for the first time is the equivalent happiness level of receiving $267,000 as a gambler.

And, of course, everyone has their own opinion about this.

For most of us, how much our love is worth turns out to be not as important as how to keep the value scale even between the partners.

Case in point: Relationship insecurity. If you feel the value you bring into the relationship is worth $30 and that of your partner's is $100, then you feel insecure.

How do you improve and fix the situation? There are many articles supporting the solution of enhancing self-esteem. However, that's not enough. A relationship is always about two people. Enhancing the worth you bring to the equation is dependent upon what your partner values. If your partner treasures spending time together, your obsession with a career success won't help. Value is highly subjective; hence the phrase "perceived value."

"I don't want to lose myself.." Relationship takes efforts and sacrifices, but no one says you should become someone else. A proven path is to start with a value match. You and your partner should match up in the core value system.

Unlock the Maze, Find Your Value Match..

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