Food & Love


What causes the most conflicts between a couple? This is the one thing that we tend to ignore in the beginning just to discover as a big deal down the road..

Food & Love

Oh, the ultimate food fight..

Can love withstand a carnivore-vegan household divided by meat? Before you answer, see this..

Is slurping soup a sound of enjoyment or a source of disgust? It can be a big deal as addressed in the Wall Street Journal. It makes you wonder about the essence of your relationship.

Different taste preferences? We can deal with it... for how long and how often? A lifetime? 3 times a day? Eating is one of the things you do together on a daily basis more than even sex.

I just wish we could share the same fascination for food…that would make eating together so much more satisfying…but well…

I want to go for recipes that are easy to cook, one pot for example. But my partner goes by flavor and variation…

I don't understand why she would rather waste money on eating out!!

I didn't know how hard it could be to give up my favorite food, until one day I had to choose between him and bacon…

Don't take your relationship with food for granted and don't underestimate the power of food. Food shapes our individual sense of culture and identity.If you have a choice, whether to enhance your joy or avoid conflicts down the road, start out right. Find someone with similar taste buds in grocery aisles.

Unlock the Maze, Find your Food Mate

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