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"I, like many others, go on a lot of dates to find the right one. As the easy swipe culture goes, and our reluctance to 'waste time' given so many 'potentials' out there, I find it really hard to make a meaningful connection or even remember or get remembered through a 'meet and greet' first date. Is there a trick to set me apart from the rest and dive deep quickly to see if there is a real potential before we pass it up? –John"

Which image would you remember more, a pregnant man or a pregnant woman?

Our brain tends to remember information that is strange, unusual, or "bizarre" more so than mundane information. This "Bizarreness Effect" can very well help you to stand out from the crowd and be memorable. You can pick a bizarre image, ideally, an image not just grabs attention but also speaks to you so you can have a conversation associated with the image. For example, the image of a pregnant man with a caption line "Would you be more careful if it was you that got pregnant?" is strange enough to get your date's precious memory space. If the topic is interesting enough to you, then you can start a conversation with your date that dives deep into your values and beliefs. There you have it—a first date hard to forget.

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